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i am an artist and creative director who is specialized in experimental work in multimedia and generative art. i  actively explore the potential of generative networks, working with their power to create my works. 

my interest in working with all things data and computer vision is reflected in my ability to exploit beautiful techniques to generate error and broken data, leading to my aesthetic.

my work is particularly relevant to our current times, as it is both a reflection and critique of some of the developments in ai.

by questioning the norms of perfection and beauty, i am triggering the boring idea of ai's role in society and highlighting the potential risks and limitations.

as one of the founders of ‘grotesk.group’ , a collective that consists of multidisciplinary artists, i strives to find new ways of expression and push the boundaries of data visualization.

my modern, technical approach to art embodies my passion for unconventional beauty and serves as a reminder of the importance of critical thinking and creativity in an increasingly ai-driven world.

mail to > harald@grotesk.group

call at / 00491634660673



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